SeaTel Model 3011

3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with Ku-band satellites

The Model 3011 is the latest 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system from Sea Te lbuilt for sub 1m networks. The 3011 design incorporates the latest frequency tuned radome design and electronics used in our industry leading XX09 series systems. The 3011 Ku-band antenna is a 75cm (30 in) marine stabilized antenna system for broadband connectivity. Incorporated in the design are some of the leading technology concepts to reduce its size and match the performance of some of our bigger 1m systems.

Model 3011 is built on the industry leading stabilization platform with stabilization accuracy of 0.1° (RMS). It withstands the harshest weather nature can throw at it. In fact, that is practically what we do when we test our systems. The 3011 antenna systems comes standard with the Co Pol option, allowing customers global Ku coverage on co pol orcross pol services. Model 3011 is not designed for compromise. It is packed with high-performance features that acquire the satellite and maintain tracking with industry-leading Sea Tel tracking algorithms. The fast response rate to the ship’s motion, the next generation electronics and the three axes of pointing and one axis of stabilization easily makes Model 3011 the industry’s most trusted system in its class. Go ahead, explore the edges of the world but always stay at the center of your communication needs with Sea Tel.