Global Coverage

Our plans feature Automatic Beam Switching (ABS). ABS is used to keep you reliably connected to our satellite network by automatically switching the satellite antenna to different beams and satellites as the ship roams the world.  ABS is automatically triggered by multiple events:

  • GPS positioning recognizing edge-of-footprint.  When the ship reaches a footprint edge, ABS will trigger a beam or satellite switch.
  • Mapped blockage zones onboard ship.  If the satellite antenna enters a mapped blockage zone ABS will automatically trigger a satellite change.
  • A significant reduction of S/N.  If the vessel is moored in an area where the satellite beam is obstructed or blocked, ABS will trigger a satellite change to remove the blockage or obstruction.
  • Out-of-band management command.  Out-of-band management is supported thru Inmarsat or Irridium services.   It is used to remotely trouble shoot the antenna, modem, or other peripheral equipment attached to the system and add new satellites to the ABS function.