About Us


RedVu proudly offers Ku-band VSAT broadband services and solutions to the maritime industry.  Oil and gas, commercial shipping and yachts can all benefit from RedVu’s broadband plans.  

RedVu Global plan is an all-you-can-eat plan with a fixed montly cost.  RedVu Global uses 30 inch antennas (or larger), has multiple rate plans based on inbound and outbound speeds, and features in-band and out-of-band management or control, and Automatic Beam Switching.  ABS keeps you connected as the vessel roams from one satellite coverage area to another.  Our multi-layered satellite coverage provides great redundancy and is used to solve on-board or terrestrial blockage issues.  If you have ever tied up in port and found that big hotel or office tower is blocking the satellite signal, you will know how important this multi-layered satellite coverage can be.

We are dedicated to providing reliable trans-oceanic and regional satellite coverage that will allow you to stay connected virtually anywhere you roam.  Our multi-layer satellite coverage area includes areas of the Pacific Ocean, the Americas, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Africa, covering most transportation routes and cruising areas.

Custom features can be added to support broad spectrum of IT applications like VPN or Teleconferencing.  Not all plans support these applications so if you have a special application need please contact us for more information.

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