RedVu Professional Grade Satellite Solutions

RedVu's Global plan offers an industry-leading multi-layer satellite coverage area includes the Pacific Ocean Region, the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean Region, Europe, Middle East and Africa, covering most transportation routes and cruising areas.   The plans feature Automatic Beam Switching as the ship roams from one satellite coverage area to another, and also feature Out-of-Band management for control and maintenance. 

Our Global plan allows you to move between our plans as your communications needs increase or decrease.  If you own or skipper a yacht, this feature really stretches to serve you! Our speeds can be increased, CIR (guaranteed and unshared bandwidth) can be added, and contention ratio decreased when the owner or guests are onboard.  When the owner or guests depart, the speeds can be reduced to their normal contracted rate.

RedVu Global broadband services and solutions are compatible with most of the existing Ku-band Vsat antennas presently installed, including Sea Tel’s 4006, 4009, 5009, and 6009 systems.  

Layup for up to three months per year without penalty.  Great technical support with only one number to call.  No restrictions or blocks! 

RedVu product and services are only available through authorized RedVu Dealers.  Contact RedVu for a dealer near you.

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